The famous author Gary Hopkins once said, “People often associate complexity with deeper meaning, when often after precious time has been lost, it is realized that simplicity is the key to everything.”

But how would you describe the back-end systems you’re using to make your revenue cycle more patient-focused?

Most healthcare organizations would say their RCM and other patient engagement systems are anything but simple. Complicated? Yes. Time-consuming? Definitely. A whirling dervish of antiquated technology? No doubt.

No one likes having to use a billion different systems and portals and usernames and passwords to do things like pay their bills, register, complete clinical screenings, and communicate with their provider. Synthesizing your RCM and digital patient engagement efforts brings simplicity to your organization, in a way that not only makes your employees less-stressed, but is especially noticeable by your patients. 

In our work with hospitals and clinics across the country, we’ve found that when an organization begins using our software, their patient satisfaction and loyalty and timely-bill-pay significantly improves. Our software does all that and so much more for our partners. In fact, they often find they’re able to discontinue up to four other vendor solutions they were using before we came along. 

The transformation these healthcare organizations experience often looks like this:

From complexity:

Multi-channel patient touchpoint schematic

To simplicity:

Omni-channel patient touchpoint schematic using Redde

As the healthcare world becomes increasingly regulated and burdensome, patients and organizations are hungry for simple solutions. 

Redde brings estimation, scheduling, registration, clinical screeners, patient engagement, billing, and reporting all into one, employee-recommended and patient-friendly system. 

We’re collectively saving healthcare employees and patients hundreds and hundreds of hours in time-consuming activities, and in time spent wishing there was a better way. 

When it comes to healthcare, Gary Hopkins was exactly right: complexity doesn’t equate to deeper meaning or greater usefulness. And simplicity is the key to success with everything, particularly when it comes to the back-end systems that drive your RCM and digital patient engagement.

Simplicity over complexity. Is it really that simple? With Redde, it sure is.

If you’re looking for simple solutions that improve patient satisfaction, loyalty, and timely bill pay, you can contact us at We’re excited to bringing greater simplicity and success to your organization!

To your success,

The team at Wixcorp

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