“I know I put them here, somewhere…” says Nelly, a frantic mom of three kids who all recently had trips to Urgent Care for pink eye, is looking for misplaced medical bills for the 2nd time that month. With separate bills for each of her kids, she’s been getting a lot of mail from this healthcare organization that she trusts, but is starting to feel a twinge of resentment towards. 

“Why isn’t there an easier way to pay medical bills?” she wonders again. The minutes tick by, and she still can’t locate all the pieces of mail she needs. If today is like all the other times she’s tried to pay medical bills, she’ll be shuffling through stacks of paper and searching for another hour, at least.

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Eventually she’ll give up, and just call the clinic directly, going through their verification process, and then paying with her credit card, which takes considerable time from her already busy schedule. Especially with multiple bills for different members of her family. 

While the clinic often eventually gets paid, Nelly isn’t very happy about her frustrating experience and wasted time. She, like most Americans, dreads paying medical bills and begins to put them off longer and longer, until she starts to get calls from a collection agency. But paying medical bills doesn’t have to be this painful. 

Many patients struggle with paying their medical bills, and it’s not just because they’re expensive. The most obvious side-effect of this complicated, archaic process, is that healthcare organizations have ever-increasing dollars tied up in their accounts receivable, waiting on patients to pay their bills. 

That’s where Redde comes in (pronounced red). Redde is the customer-obsessed patient billing software that helps healthcare organizations collect on medical bills and improve the patient experience, all at the same time. 

For example, with Redde’s Family Linking feature, Nelly can link everyone in her family to one account that shows their balance, and is updated any time someone in their family receives healthcare, from any provider within your organization. Paying on this account can be as simple as sending a text message in reply to the automated text reminders from Redde. 

Rather than waiting for medical bills to come through the mail, patients can easily link and manage all their family member accounts, and receive notifications when charges are posted, or receive reminders for a self-generated payment plan. 

Redde is helping clinics and hospitals across the country improve their patient financial experience, and collect patient payments faster. Our partners have said not only do patients pay faster, but Redde also makes life easier for their billing teams as well, and vastly reduces the amount of time their billing team spends on the phone with patients, and processing paperwork.

You don’t need to wait until multiple members of your family get pink eye to remember how complicated it can be for your patients to pay their medical bills. If you’d like to learn more about how Redde can transform your billing process from a pain point into a delight for both patients and billing teams, click the link below or send us an email at information@wixcorp.com.

Talk soon!

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