Everywhere you look, people are talking about patient satisfaction. Much has been done to positively move the needle when it comes to patient satisfaction while a patient is receiving care. Providers and staff have been trained on communication frameworks and protocols to help patients have the best experience possible. However, all that effort and investment seems to go out the window when it comes to the patient’s financial experience after they leave the hospital. When the bills come through the mail, what could be done to support and help the patients have a positive experience with your organization even then?

Most throw up their hands at that point, just hoping that the good experiences the patients had during their hospital stay will override the complexity, stress, and time-consuming process of paying for it. But some hospitals and clinics have decided to take action even at this point. And by doing so, they are decreasing their accounts receivable, decreasing their accounts going to collections, shortening patient time to payment, reducing claims denials, and increasing patient revenues.

The tool they’re using to dramatically address this often overlooked aspect of your patients’ experience, is called Redde. Redde is a software package that seamlessly integrates with EHRs, and allows for true text-to-pay, digital patient registration, screeners, scheduling, price estimation, and so much more. All without patients having to remember usernames or passwords, and they don’t even need to login to a patient portal.

Self-service payment plans? Check. Collecting patient payments in 6 seconds? Check. Reducing patient abrasion with digital registration? Accurate price estimation for upcoming procedures? Reducing the workload on your billing department? Check check check.

But Redde is more than just making patients happy and empowering billing/front line staff to be as helpful and effective as possible. It’s a revolutionary way to bring the same high standard of experience you’ve established through providing healthcare, to the patient’s financial experience. Whether it’s receiving care or paying for care, it doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. And with Redde, hospitals and clinics are making sure of that.

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