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The Impacts of a Simplified Patient Financial Experience

The healthcare revenue cycle is not getting any easier. Especially with increasing patient deductibles and costs, combined with the ever-mounting pressure of the pandemic on the economy and healthcare providers and their organizations.  Some healthcare organizations resort to suing their patients to collect on past due bills, and/or garnishing wages. One report found that “the…

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Hero’s in Healthcare: Dr. Merlin Antunez

Shortly after two of his brothers died, and his father became crippled by Parkinson’s disease, Merlin Antunez found himself in an orphanage.

In the 1980s in Honduras, there wasn’t much healthcare available, especially for those living in poverty. But Merlin vowed that he would try to change that.

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Patient Payments Faster.

What if increasing patient revenue was as easy as flipping on a switch? Last year, one of our clients went through an EMR conversion. Due to the expected backlog in billing and potential data accuracy during the transition, they asked us to stop sending our real-time text messages and email notifications to their patients about…

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