Price Transparency Update Coming in 2022

When it comes to healthcare, the government typically has two options for incentivizing specific actions. They can either provide a carrot, or a stick. In the case of price transparency, the government went with the stick approach, with a penalty of $300 a day for noncompliant hospitals beginning as of 01/01/2021. However, they will be bringing out a bigger stick shortly, with an increase in penalties slated for 2022.

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Tips to Improve Patient Access

It’s no secret that patient access can be a nightmare. Research shows that the average wait time in the US is longer than 18 days, and 43% of patients haven’t had success in finding same-day appointments when they’re sick (1). When you add in complicated and obscure referral processes, difficult and time-consuming communication channels, and…

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The Impacts of a Simplified Patient Financial Experience

The healthcare revenue cycle is not getting any easier. Especially with increasing patient deductibles and costs, combined with the ever-mounting pressure of the pandemic on the economy and healthcare providers and their organizations.  Some healthcare organizations resort to suing their patients to collect on past due bills, and/or garnishing wages. One report found that “the…

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