Hero’s in Healthcare: Dr. Merlin Antunez

Shortly after two of his brothers died, and his father became crippled by Parkinson's disease, Merlin Antunez found himself in an orphanage. In the 1980s in Honduras, there wasn't much healthcare available, especially for those living in poverty. But Merlin vowed that he would try to change that.

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Making your RCM Patient-Facing

promoting industry leading care and expertise. Patients quickly realize the difference between the great care they receive from their medical provider and the experience leading up to and after their medical appointment. This bookend disparity can create disappointment in their healthcare experience, uncertainty in future experiences, and a lack of trust in their provider organization.

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Too Much Skin in the Game

Whether it's confusing medical bills sent months after care is received, or unclear expectations around how much something will cost, paying for healthcare from a patient’s perspective is anything but a clean and simple process.

Simplifying the Patient Experience

The famous author Gary Hopkins once said, "People often associate complexity with deeper meaning, when often after precious time has been lost, it is realized that simplicity is the key to everything." But how would you describe the patient financial experience?

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Text-to-Pay for Medical Bills

Healthcare organizations across the country are finding great success in shifting their patient engagement and bill collection efforts to the patient’s phone. Most text messages are quickly read by most people, as cited above. And healthcare organizations that move from emails and letters to text messages are finding new success in patient retention, patient satisfaction, reduced AR, and increased revenue. This also means that fewer patients have to experience the “bill collector” side of their favorite healthcare providers